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Welcome Home!

Updated: Jan 26

Announcing my new blog, Welcome Home. No vision boards or resolutions to break this year. Just a blog to write. What will I cover? Not quite sure where my keyboard, quill or glitter pen will take me, but I have some topic ideas in mind.

-How to simplify your HOME life

-How to appreciate more with less at HOME

-How to learn from nature in your own backyard

-How to tap into your creativity at HOME

-How to start a HOME garden

-Easy home cooking to try at HOME

-Stress relief at HOME

-How to make time for YOU

-Get acquainted with a yoga mat

-Learn from your backyard birds and some feathered friends facts

-How to prepare your HOME to sell and keep your sanity

-How to move to a new HOME with ease

My intention is to help you make your home a sweeter place to live.

Join me for the journey into 2023!

Feathered Friends Fact: shared the following about Mockingbirds:

A study released in October 2019 found that, in addition to mimicking the calls of other birds and manmade noises like music and machinery, Northern Mockingbirds have been known to imitate at least 12 different species of North American frogs and toads. In fact, John James Audubon was so in awe of this bird's singing ability, he wrote of the Northern Mockingbird in Birds of America, “There is probably no bird in the world that possesses all the musical qualifications of this king of song, who has derived all from Nature's self."

As a former choir nerd, I am in awe of the Mockingbird and it's musical ability. Talk about owning top notch listening skills that allows precise mimicking notes and tones.


Recreating nature.

Lots we can learn listening to the Mockingbird.

Take time for YOU, your Nest and our feathered friends.

~ Monika Strand

Monika Strand is a children's author, blogger and referral Realtor.

Her first children's book titled, "Welcome Home!" can be found at

Are you moving with children?

Reach out to Monika at:

She will connect you to a caring competent Realtor

so you can focus on packing and let a Realtor do the searching for your next home.

No cost to you for this referral service.

Monika will send your Realtor a copy of "Welcome Home!" to give to your kids on closing day.

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